(1000$) HR Manager a famous Singapore’s company (presented in 60 countries)-[ID3362]

Giới thiệu công việc

Company overview

Ngành nghề: Thực phẩm/Đồ uống

Nội dung: stable development

Thành lập: 2000

Số nhân viên: 1700

Job description

  • Lead all activities about Human Resource function at the plantations.
  • Setting up management structure, employees co-operation and working regulation of company. Advising Board of Director about all kinds of policies, management employees to develop smooth functioning of the plant.
  • Setting up all policies, regulations, benefit, compensation, salary scale system for employees. Policies are concern to Social Insurance and labor disciplinary procedure.
  • Setting up all methods to control Admin-HR expenses to ensure everything cost adherence and optimization.
  • Drive key HR processes on Performance Management, Training & Capability Building, Employee Communication, Rewards & Recognition.
  • Developing and keep alive all relations with local government office to respond the needful and fulfill the target of Company.
  • Checking, supervising, operating security guards, car group and drivers to ensure that everything is going smoothly.
  • Ensuring HR data is updated and HR metrics reporting.
  • Groom and develop the HR & admin team.

Job requirements

Năng lực cốt lõi:

  • Giới tính: Nam
  • Độ tuổi: 30 – 55
  • Trình độ: Đại học trở lên
  • Ngoại ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Giao tiếp)
  • Kỹ năng:
    • Organization
    • Negotiation
    • Problem Solving and Conflict Management
    • Communication
    • Multitasking

Năng lực cộng thêm (không bắt buộc):

  • English communication skills.
  • Understanding of factory production processes and capabilities.

Chào đón những ứng viên

  • We are welcome talents who look in for a global career in a winning company.
  • Entrepreneurial and specialist roles empowered with an unlimited canvas to perform.
  • Willing to challenge yourself.

Working time: 48h/week, T7 (full working hours)

Working place: Gia Lai

Income: Thỏa thuận


  • Full basic insurance.
  • Traveling with the company once a year.
  • Rewards 1-3 months salary based on business results.
  • Holidays according to state regulations, plus Christmas holiday 25/12.
  • Review salary in January every year.


+ You are provided a global career in a winning company.
+ Entrepreneurial and specialist roles empowered with an unlimited canvas to perform.
+ The opportunity to create wealth for oneself through equity compensation.

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