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việc làm tại Khanh Hoa
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Tập trung vào việc mở rộng cửa hàng và phân phối mới Phát triển doanh số bán hàng và tăng độ hiển thị thương hiệu trong các cửa hàng được chỉ định Cập nhật xu hướng thị trường và phát triển cải thiện kinh doanh Quản lý mối quan hệ với khách hàng doanh nghiệp lớn và người tiêu dùng cá nhân có thu nhập cao Đảm bảo thực hiện, tuân thủ trong hợp đồng và giao dịch với khách hàng Báo cáo hàng tháng và hàng tuần

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Thỏa thuận

To be responsible for all the operation and sales target of the assigned territory which includes staffing, coaching, distribution channel management, marketing and other administrations works. Managing sales team: Achieve the sales volume & EOE target set to the team and to each sales staff; Improve sales team on selling skill, communication skill, negotiation skill, EOE; Build up the team work spirit; Coordinate with channel section to deploy trade program, consumer program to increase sales volume & market share for Hanoi branch’s portfolio; Setting up sales target, distribution target by segments & supervising in accordance with company objectives to team. Obtain market intelligence: Pricing in customer; Competitors activities;Build up sales system, sales channel & Measure call plan MJP & MVO effectiveness. Identify the MVO list & review MJP by SR; Coordinate with sales information to implement RSEM in field; Keep track & evaluate the out-come; Manage sales force, delivery training, coaching for Sales supervisor; Finalize PDP for subordinate & review by half year & end of year. Draught beers management: installation draught beer equipment, quality control in accordance with company draught beer strategic. Budget management: Monitor actual spend versus planned expenditure; Do P&L by outlet & JBP; Recommend investment plan (regional growth) according to company objectives and priorities and agree with FSM. Managing and serving the Distributors: To ensure a high quality of customers service to outlets/ consumers; Coordinate with DD section to manage the Distributors (Selling out, collecting outstanding debt, SKUs available, rotate stock & stock level); Coordinate with DDM to implement RTM plan; Manage RPM by distributors & SKUs as company requirement; Coordinate with DDM to implement CL policy. Corporate Affairs: To contact and maintain a good relations with local authorities; Coordinate with CA section for products issue complaint. Preparing Sales Reports: To prepare reports & present (monthly sales report, competitor report) to FSM & HOS. Analyses these reports to identify opportunities to increase distribution of HN's brands, improve EOE execution in-outlet or to increase average sales per outlet. Reviews progress against prospecting and re-activation targets. Develops targets for the coming month. Shares these targets with the sales team and with distributors and monitors the achievement of these targets using daily and weekly sales reports; Provide market information to FSM & information manager as requirement. Coordinating with other departments/sections on administration works: To coordinate closely with Channel MKT to run any sponsorship programs or promotional campaigns; To deal with the other departments within the company on the administration works as POS, purchasing goods, expenditures, debts, etc; To coordinate with demand planner for sales volume forecast; To coordinate with logistic for good arrangement for transportation & RPM collection.

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